Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

DCMH is grateful for the support of Eco15 in providing funding for renovation of our simulation lab and provision of equipment.

WHO is simulation for?

Simulation is for all healthcare professionals. It can also be used for professionals outside of the healthcare arena who need more specific training.

WHAT is simulation?

Simulation is a programmed scenario that resembles a real life situation. It replicates clinical situations, to provide healthcare professionals an opportunity to practice their responses in a safe learning environment. It helps prepare them for real life situations without causing harm for actual patients.

WHERE can you do simulation?

Simulation at DCMH is performed in the new simulation lab located in lower level of DCMH. However, some manikins are mobile and can potentially go to where the service is needed.

WHEN can a simulation be arranged?

Arrangements for running a simulation can be made by contacting Michelle Franklin or Susan Davis at 812-663-1177 or contact us.

WHY do simulation?

With simulation, the learner can practice skills in a safe environment, which allows for the honing of skills through trial and error. This allows the learner to develop confidence in their abilities and skills in a clinical setting.